Toronto Construction Lender Opens Oakville Office

Foremost Financial, a Toronto-based private lender with a 30-year track record of providing loans of up to $12 million, has opened a satellite office in Oakville. 

Foremost Financial, a Toronto-based private lender with a 30-year track record of providing loans of up to $12 million for residential and commercial construction projects, has opened a satellite office in Oakville. 

The move is a result of a combination of the continued demand for upscale-single family homes in the Oakville, Burlington area as well as the growing appeal of purchasing more affordable homes (compared to Toronto) in Hamilton. Hamilton in particular has become an increasingly popular alternative for those working in the GTA, thanks in large part to the GO Transit service. 

“We’ve provided builder financing for a number of single-family projects over the years in Oakville and Burlington and we now see a growing opportunity in Hamilton as well, with loans typically in the $4-8 million range to help finance multi-unit townhouse projects,” observes Foremost Financial president Ivan Stone. “Now, with our Oakville office, we are that much better positioned to keep our finger on the pulse of the market. And at the same time, provide an added level of convenience for our builder and broker clients versus having to visit our Toronto office.”

Coinciding with the new office opening, experienced lender Victor Brewda – who boasts a 30-year track record including the last 15 years in Oakville, will be joining Foremost Financial as the Oakville office manager. “Victor brings adds another layer of depth in expertise to our team,” observes Stone. “He understands the construction industry and has a long track record of working with builders not only in Oakville but Burlington and Hamilton as well.”

Brewda views his new appointment as an opportunity to leverage Foremost Financial’s capital and team resources for the benefit of both residential and commercial builders in the area. “Foremost has a strong brand presence within the private lending community. It’s a company that has successfully financed literally hundreds of residential projects going back to when it was founded in 1987. So for me personally, it’s an opportunity to help builder and broker clients in the area, to fast-track new construction projects, and to take advantage of the growing demand for these projects.”

About Foremost Financial
Established in 1987, Foremost has become a trusted choice for first mortgage lending, providing loans up to $12 million for construction projects in the GTA, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and surrounding areas. To learn more, call the Oakville office or the Toronto office at 416-488-5300


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